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Contrary to popular American beliefs, not all lagers are light in color or character. What defines a lager is that they are fermented at cool temperatures (45-56 °F). This cooler fermentation results in a longer fermentation period. Lagers are often, but not always, stored or “lagered” at cool temperatures to further mature and refine the flavor. There are dark lagers, light lagers, bitter lagers, malty lagers and giant high alcohol lagers. Explore the world of lagers beyond Pilsners.

Beer NamePrice
Ayinger Alt Dunkel (500ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™8.00
Ayinger Jahrhundert (500ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™8.00
Ayinger Oktoberfest (500ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™8.00
Ballast Point Dead Ringer (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.50
Base Camp Celestial CDL (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.00
Bohemian Altus (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.00
Celebrator (330ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.50
Edge Brewing Odelay Vienna (650ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™11.00
Epic Double Skull (651ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™11.00
Epic Fest Devious Marzen (651ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™8.50
Full Sail Session Black (325ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.00
Lev Black Lion (500ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™7.00
Negra Modelo (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.00
New Belgium 1554 (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.00
Perrin Black Lager (325ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.00
Pinkus Munster Alt (500ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™8.00
Prost Seasonal Marzen (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.50
Red Rock Franconian Rauchbier (500ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™8.25
Samichlaus (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™11.00
Spaten Oktoberfest (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.00
Wasatch Devastator Can (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.00