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Hard fermented Apple/Pear Juice. A refreshing change from beer every once in a while. 100% gluten free.

Beer NamePrice
Ace Apple Cider (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.50
Ace Pear Cider (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.50
Coney Island Hard Root Beer (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™7.00
Coney Island Orange Cream Ale (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™7.00
Crabbies Ginger Beer (330ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™7.50
Hive Autumn Apple Cider (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™10.00
Hive Dry Stinger (650ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™14.00
Hive Dry Stinger 355 (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™9.00
Hive Mint Stinger 355 (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™10.00
Hive Raspberry 355 (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™10.00
Hornsby's Amber Draft Cider (331ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.00
MTN WST 7 Mile Hard Cider (500ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™12.50
MTN WST Cottonwood Dry Cider (500ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™12.50
MTN WST Desolation Pear (500ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™12.50
MTN WST Ruby Hard Cider (500ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™12.50
Not Your Fathers Ginger Ale (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™7.00
Not Your Fathers Root Beer (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™7.00
Samuel Smiths Cider (550ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™9.50
Samuel Smiths Sparkling Pear Cider (550ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™9.50
Smith and Forge Hard Cider (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.00
Strongbow Gold Apple Hard Cide (550ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™7.00