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We are Utah's largest beer bar and have the largest selection of beers in the region. You simply will not find a better selection of beers available anywhere in Utah. We feature all the local Microbreweries on draft and have an extensive selection of beers in the bottle.

We are especially proud to feature a giant selection of local Utah beers which we have gathered together on this page.

We are constantly searching for new beers to add to our list. If you want to get immediate notice of new beers that have arrived then you should either friend us on facebook or subscribe to our Beer Newsletter.

We also have a huge selection of seasonal and holiday beers so make sure to check those out.

We currently have 424 different bottled beers in stock and 27 draft beers on tap.

Our beer list is now updated daily and after every order received and should reflect our current offerings fairly accurately.

Bottled Beers

Beer NamePrice
2 Row 24K Golden Ale (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.50
2 Row Accelerator IPA (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™7.00
2 Row Breakfast Stout (355ml)RateBeer™6.50
2 Row Citrus IPA (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™8.00
2 Row Dangereux Farmhouse (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™7.00
2 Row Feelin' Hazy IPA (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™8.00
2 Row Mikey's Citra IPL (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.50
2 Row Nemesis Pale Ale (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.50
2 Row Random DBL IPA #2 (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™7.00
2 Row Random Red Rye (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™8.00
2 Row The Shorter Porter (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.50
Ace Apple Cider (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.50
Ace Pear Cider (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.50
Alpine Windows Up IPA (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™7.00
Anchor Foghorn (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™9.00
Anchor Steam (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.50
Anderson Valley Amber Ale (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.00
Anderson Valley Belgian Dubbel (651ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™15.00
Anderson Valley Belgian Triple (651ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™15.00
Anderson Valley Blood Orange Gose (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.00
Anderson Valley Bourbon Barrel Stout (651ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™20.00
Anderson Valley Holy Gose (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.00
Anderson Valley Hop Ottin IPA (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.00
Anderson Valley Oatmeal Stout (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.00
Anderson Valley Pale Ale (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.00
Ayinger Alt Dunkel (500ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™8.00
Ayinger Brau Weisse (500ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™8.00
Ayinger Jahrhundert (500ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™8.00
Ayinger Oktoberfest (500ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™8.00
Ayinger Ur Weisse (500ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™8.00
Ballast Point Bonito Blonde Ale (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.50
Ballast Point California Amber (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.50
Ballast Point California Kolsch (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.50
Ballast Point Dead Ringer (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.50
Ballast Point Dorado Imperial IPA (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™8.00
Ballast Point Grapefruit Sculpin (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™8.00
Ballast Point Habanero Sculpin (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™8.00
Ballast Point Manta Ray DIPA (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.50
Ballast Point Pineapple Sculpin (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™8.00
Ballast Point Sculpin IPA (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™8.00
Ballast Point Sea Monster (651ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™18.00
Ballast Point Unfiltered Sculpin (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™7.00
Ballast Point Wahoo White (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™7.00
Base Camp Celestial CDL (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.00
Base Camp In Tents IPL (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.00
Base Camp Nomadic DIPA (650ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™15.00
Base Camp Pilgrimage Saison (650ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™13.00
Base Camp Ultra Gnar Gnar IPA (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.00
Bass Ale (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.50
Becks (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.50
Big Sky IPA (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.00
Big Sky Moose Drool (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.00
Big Sky Seasonal Shake A Day IPA (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.00
Bitburger (500ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™7.00
Blanche De Chambly 355ml (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.50
Boddingtons Pub Ale (441ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™7.50
Bohemian Altus (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.00
Bohemian Export Lager (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.00
Bohemian Lagerpalooza IPL (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.50
Boulevard Dark Truth Stout (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™9.00
Boulevard Saison-Brett (750ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™24.50
Boulevard Sixth Glass Quad (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™9.00
Boulevard Tank 7 (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™9.00
Boulevard The Calling IPA (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™9.00
Carlsberg (500ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.50
Celebrator (330ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.50
Chimay Blue (750ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™29.50
Chimay White (750ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™29.50
Cigar City Jai Alai IPA (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.00
Cigar City Lager (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.00
Coney Island Hard Root Beer (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™7.00
Coney Island Orange Cream Ale (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™7.00
Crabbies Ginger Beer (330ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™7.50
Delirium Nocturnum (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™11.00
Delirium Tremens (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™11.00
Deschutes Black Butte Porter (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.00
Deschutes Black Butte XXVIII (651ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™35.00
Deschutes Conflux Collage No2 (650ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™49.50
Deschutes Fresh Squeezed (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™7.00
Deschutes Inversion IPA (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.00
Deschutes Mirror Pond Pale (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.50
Deschutes Obsidian Stout (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.00
Deschutes Pacific Wonderland (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.00
Deschutes Reserve Abyss (650ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™40.00
Deschutes Reserve Abyss Scotch Barrel (650ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™49.00
Deschutes Reserve Cultivateur (650ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™40.00
Deschutes Reserve The Dissident (650ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™40.00
Duvel (330ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™10.00
Duvel Belgium Tripel Hop (330ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™10.00
Edge Brewing Blackwater Imperial Stout (650ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™17.00
Edge Brewing Odelay Vienna (650ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™11.00
Elysian Seasonal Superfuzz (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.50
Elysian Space Dust (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™7.00
Epic 825 Stout (651ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™11.00
Epic Barley Wine (651ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™16.00
Epic Barrel Aged Barley Wine (651ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™20.00
Epic Barrel Aged Imp Pumpkin Porter (651ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™20.99
Epic Belgian Wit (651ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™9.00
Epic Big Bad Baptist (651ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™21.50
Epic Brainless Belgian (651ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™12.00
Epic Brainless Cherries (651ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™22.00
Epic Brainless IPA (651ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™11.75
Epic Brainless on Peach (651ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™22.00
Epic Brainless on Raspberries (651ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™15.00
Epic Brainless on Raspberries (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.00
Epic Captn Cromptons (651ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™9.00
Epic Copper Cone Pale (651ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™12.00
Epic Cross Fever Amber (651ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™9.00
Epic Double Skull (651ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™11.00
Epic Elder Brett (750ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™22.50
Epic Escape To Colorado (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.00
Epic Fest Devious Marzen (651ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™8.50
Epic Glutenator (651ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™12.00
Epic Hopulent (651ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™12.00
Epic Imp Pumpkin Porter (651ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™13.75
Epic Imperial IPA (651ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™16.00
Epic Imperial Red (651ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™14.00
Epic Intermountain Wheat (651ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™9.00
Epic Los Locos Lager Can (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.50
Epic Mid Mountain Mild (651ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™9.00
Epic New England IPA (651ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™16.00
Epic Oak and Orchard The Trois (375ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™22.50
Epic Pfeifferhorn Lager (651ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™10.00
Epic Sage Saison (651ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™14.00
Epic Smoked and Oaked (651ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™22.00
Epic Son Of A Baptist Can (331ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.50
Epic Sour Apple Saison (651ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™15.00
Epic Spiral Jetty IPA (651ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™10.00
Epic Tart N' Juicy Can (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™7.00
Fantome Noel (750ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™20.50
Firestone Double Barrel (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.50
Firestone Union Jack IPA (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.50
Firestone Walker Leo V Ursus IIPA (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™8.50
Firestone Walker Luponic Distortion 6 (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.50
Firestone Walker Pale Ale (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.50
Firestone Walker Pivo Pils (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.50
Fosters Premium Ale (750ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™7.00
Full Sail Amber Ale (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.00
Full Sail Cascade Pilsner (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.00
Full Sail IPA (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.00
Full Sail Session Black (325ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.00
Full Sail Session Lager (325ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.00
Great Divide Colette Farmhouse (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.00
Great Divide Titan IPA (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.00
Great Divide Yeti Oatmeal (650ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™18.00
Great Divide Yeti Stout (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™7.75
Green Flash Blonde Ale (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.00
Green Flash Palate Wrecker 12oz (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™8.00
Green Flash Passion Fruit Kicker (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.50
Green Flash Soul Style IPA (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.50
Green Flash Tangerine IPA (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.50
Green Flash West Coast IPA (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™8.00
Grolsch (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.50
Guinness Extra Stout (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.50
Gulden Draak (330ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™9.50
Haandbryggeriet Bestefar (500ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™18.00
Heretic Evil Cousin (651ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™13.00
Heretic Shallow Grave (651ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™13.00
Heretic Torment Belgian Quad (651ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™17.00
Hive Autumn Apple Cider (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™10.00
Hive Dry Stinger (650ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™14.00
Hive Dry Stinger 355 (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™9.00
Hive Mint Stinger 355 (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™10.00
Hive Raspberry 355 (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™10.00
Hoegaarden White (331ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.50
Hofbrau Original (500ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™8.00
Hornsby's Amber Draft Cider (331ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.00
HUB Abominable Winter Ale (473ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™7.00
HUB Ferocious Citrus (473ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™7.00
HUB IPA (473ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™7.00
HUB Motherland Imperial Stout (650ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™17.00
HUB Survival Stout (473ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.50
Iron Fist Velvet Glove (650ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™23.50
Kiitos Amber Ale (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.00
Kiitos Blonde Ale (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.00
Kiitos Pale Ale (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.00
Kokanee (340ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.00
Kona Big Wave Golden Ale (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.00
Lagunitas 12th Of Never (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.00
Lagunitas Aunt Sally (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.50
Lagunitas IPA (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.00
Lagunitas IPA (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.00
Lagunitas Little Sumpin' Ale (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.50
Lagunitas Maximus (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.50
Lagunitas Pils (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.00
Lagunitas Seasonal Brown Shugga (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.50
Lagunitas Seasonal Doppel Weizen (650ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™13.00
Lagunitas Seasonal Little Sumpin' Extr (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.50
Lagunitas Sucks 355ml (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.50
Laughing Dog 219 Pilsner (473ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.00
Laughing Dog De Achste Hond (651ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™15.00
Lev Black Lion (500ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™7.00
Lev Lion Export Lager (500ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™7.00
Lindemans Cassis (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™12.00
Lindemans Faro Lambic (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™12.00
Lindemans Frambois (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™12.00
Lindemans Gueze Cuvee Rene (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™12.00
Lindemans Kriek (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™12.00
Lindemans Peche Lambic (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™12.00
Lindemans Pomme (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™12.00
Melvin 2X4 Double IPA (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™7.00
Melvin Citradamus IIPA (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.50
Melvin Drunken Master IIPA (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™7.00
Melvin Hey Zeus Lager (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.00
Melvin Hubert MPA (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.00
Melvin IPA (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™5.79
Melvin Killer Bees (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.00
Melvin Lambda Triple IPA (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.50
Moab Pale Ale Can (473ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.00
Moab Red Rye IPA (473ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™7.00
Moab Scotch Ale (650ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™15.75
Moab Tripel (650ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™16.00
Modelo Especial (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.00
Mother Earth 4 Seasons Autumn (650ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™21.50
Mother Earth Boo Koo (650ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™13.00
Mother Earth Born Blonde (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.00
Mother Earth California Creamin (650ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™13.00
Mother Earth Hop Diggity (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.50
MTN WST 7 Mile Hard Cider (500ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™12.50
MTN WST Cottonwood Dry Cider (500ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™12.50
MTN WST Desolation Pear (500ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™12.50
MTN WST Ruby Hard Cider (500ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™12.50
Negra Modelo (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.00
New Belgium 1554 (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.00
New Belgium Abbey (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.00
New Belgium Accumulation (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™5.79
New Belgium Citradelic IPA (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.00
New Belgium Fat Tire (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.00
New Belgium Juicy Watermelon (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.00
New Belgium Lips of Faith Clutch (650ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™25.50
New Belgium Slow Ride IPA (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™5.79
New Belgium Voodoo Ranger 8 Hop (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.00
New Belgium Voodoo Ranger IIPA (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.50
Newcastle Brown Ale (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.50
Ninkasi Dawn Of The Red IRA (650ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™14.00
Ninkasi Hop Cooler (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.00
Ninkasi Seasonal Believer 355 (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.00
Ninkasi Total Domination IPA (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.00
Ninkasi Vanilla Oatis Stout (650ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™11.00
North Coast Brewing Brother Thelonius (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™7.00
North Coast Brewing Old Rasputin (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.50
North Coast Brewing PranQster (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.50
North Coast Le Merle Saison (750ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™19.00
Not Your Fathers Ginger Ale (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™7.00
Not Your Fathers Root Beer (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™7.00
Omission Lager (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.00
Omission Pale Ale (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.00
Ommegang Pale Sour Ale (330ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™7.50
Ommegang Rosetta Kriek (330ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™7.50
Orval Trappist Ale (330ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™10.00
Oskar Blues Dales Pale Ale (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.00
Oskar Blues Fugli IPA (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.50
Oskar Blues G'Knight Imperial Rd (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™7.00
Oskar Blues IPA (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.50
Oskar Blues Mama's Little Yella (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.00
Oskar Blues Old Chub Scotch Ale (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.00
Oskar Blues Pinner IPA (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.00
Pacifico (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.00
Park City American Pale Ale (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.00
Park City Imperial Pils (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.00
Park City IPA (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.00
Payette Blood Orange IPA (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.00
Pelican Dirty Bird IPA (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™5.50
Pelican Kiwanda Cream 355 (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.00
Pelican Umbrella IPA (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.00
Peroni Lager (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.50
Perrin Black Lager (325ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.00
Pilsner Urquell (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.50
Pinkus Munster Alt (500ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™8.00
Pinkus Pils (500ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™8.00
Pinkus Weizen (500ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™8.00
Piraat Triple (330ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™8.50
Poperings Hommelbier (331ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™9.00
Proper Brumblin' Brown (650ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™11.00
Proper Faultline IPA (650ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™15.00
Proper Gruit (650ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™15.00
Proper Hop-V-Hop (650ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™15.00
Proper Instigator Helles (650ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™12.00
Proper La Belle Peche (651ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™8.50
Proper Lake Effect Gose (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.75
Proper Leisurebrau (650ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™15.00
Proper Litha Saison (651ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™15.50
Proper Ostara Belgian IPA (650ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™17.00
Proper Ragman Belgian IPA (650ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™15.00
Proper Recommended Rye (650ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™11.75
Proper Revenge DIPA (650ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™15.00
Prost Seasonal Marzen (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.50
Prost Weissbier (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.50
Pyramid Apricot (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.00
Pyramid Hefeweizen (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.00
Red Rock Anniversary (500ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™9.00
Red Rock Bobcat (500ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™9.00
Red Rock Drioma (500ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™9.00
Red Rock Elephino (500ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™8.50
Red Rock Franconian Rauchbier (500ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™8.25
Red Rock Frohlich Pils (500ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™8.25
Red Rock Golden Halo (500ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™8.00
Red Rock Le Quatre (750ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™7.00
Red Rock Marvella (500ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™9.00
Red Rock Paardebloem (500ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™19.00
Red Rock White Rainbow (500ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™8.50
Ritual Extra Red Ale (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.50
Ritual Hellion (650ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™16.00
Ritual Pale Ale (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.50
Rochefort Trap. 10 (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™12.00
Rochefort Trappist 8 (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™10.00
Rogue 8 Hop Ipa (650ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™15.00
Rogue Chatoe OREgasmic (650ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™15.00
Rogue Chatoe Single Malt (650ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™13.50
Rogue Dead Guy (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.50
Rogue Double Dead Guy (750ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™24.50
Rogue Hazelnut Brown (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.50
Rogue Honey Kolsch (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.50
Rogue Mocha Porter (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.50
Rogue Sriracha Hot Stout (750ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™24.50
Rogue Yellow Snow IPA (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™7.00
RoHa Big Green Couch DIPA (650ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™14.00
RoHa Kensington Saison (650ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™14.00
RoHa Three Deep (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.00
RoHa Thursday IPA (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.00
Roosters Honey Wheat (650ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™9.00
Sam Adams Cherry Wheat (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.50
Sam Smiths Nut Brown (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™7.00
Samichlaus (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™11.00
Samuel Adams Boston Ale (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.00
Samuel Adams Boston Lager (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.50
Samuel Adams Cream Stout (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.50
Samuel Adams Juiced IPA (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.00
Samuel Adams Nitro Coffee Stout (450ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™7.50
Samuel Smiths Cider (550ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™9.50
Samuel Smiths Imperal Stout (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™7.00
Samuel Smiths IPA (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™7.00
Samuel Smiths Oatmeal Stout (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™7.00
Samuel Smiths Organic Apricot (550ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™12.00
Samuel Smiths Organic Chocolate (500ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™9.00
Samuel Smiths Organic Lager (500ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™9.00
Samuel Smiths Organic Raspberry (550ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™12.00
Samuel Smiths Sparkling Pear Cider (550ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™9.50
Samuel Smiths Taddy Porter (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™7.00
Santa Fe Imp. Java Stout (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.50
Sapporo (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.50
Schofferhofer Hefe (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.00
Shades of Pale Hogshead Reserve #1 (651ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™35.00
Shades of Pale Hogshead Reserve #2 (651ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™35.00
Shades Of Pale Salt City Citrus (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.50
Sierra Nevada Hop Hunter IPA (330ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.00
Sierra Nevada Kellerweis Hefe (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.00
Sierra Nevada Narwhal (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.50
Sierra Nevada Nooner (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.00
Sierra Nevada Pale (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.00
Sierra Nevada Seasonal Summerfest (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.00
Sierra Nevada Sidecar (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.00
Sierra Nevada Torpedo (330ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.00
Ska Brewing Decadent Imp IPA (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™7.50
Ska Brewing Mexican Logger (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™5.50
Ska Brewing Modus Mandarina IPA (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.50
Ska Brewing True Blonde Ale (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.00
Smith and Forge Hard Cider (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.00
Snake River Eclipse Pale Ale (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.00
Sockeye Galena Gold (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.00
Sockeye Power House Porter (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.00
Spaten Franz Hefe-Weissbier (500ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™7.50
Spaten Oktoberfest (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.00
Spaten Premium (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.00
Squatters Hells Keep (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™5.79
Squatters Hop Rising (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.00
Squatters Off Duty IPA (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.00
Squatters Outer Darkness (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™9.00
Stella Artois (330ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.50
Stiegl (503ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™8.00
Stiegl Radler (500ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.00
Stone 21 Anniversary DIPA (650ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™19.00
Stone Arrogant Dbl Bastard Rye (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™42.50
Stone Dayslayer IPL (651ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™19.00
Stone Delicious IPA (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.50
Stone Enjoy After Brett IPA (750ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™27.50
Stone Fruitallica DIPA (650ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™19.00
Stone IPA (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™7.00
Stone Ripper (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.50
Stone Ruination IPA (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.50
Stone Seasonal Ghost Hammer IPA (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.50
Stone Seasonal Pataskala (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.50
Stone w00tstout (650ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™23.00
Stone Who You Callin' Wussie (473ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™7.00
Strongbow Gold Apple Hard Cide (550ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™7.00
Tailsman Bel's Fury Red Ale (650ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™11.75
Tailsman Promontory Pale Ale (650ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™13.00
Taj Mahal (650ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™8.50
The Hive Hard Cider (1ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™3.75
The Hive Summer Mead Bottle (750ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™32.95
The Hive Summer Mead Glass (5ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™9.00
To Ol Frost Bites IPA (330ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™10.00
To Ol Shameless Santa (750ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™19.95
Troubadour Magma (331ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™9.50
Troubadour Obscura (331ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™9.00
Troubadour Westkust (331ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™9.50
Tsjeeses (330ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™10.00
Uinta Barley Wine (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.50
Uinta Barrel Aged Dubhe (650ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™17.00
Uinta Belgian Brett Triple (750ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™24.75
Uinta Croggy Brett Saison (750ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™21.95
Uinta Detour DIPA (350ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.50
Uinta Dubhe (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.50
Uinta Funk'n Patch (750ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™21.50
Uinta Hop Nosh IPA (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.00
Uinta Hopscursion Brett (750ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™24.75
Uinta Jacked B Nimble (750ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™21.50
Uinta Park Golden Ale (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.00
Uinta Seasonal Hop Nosh Grapefruit (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.00
Uinta Seasonal Hop Nosh Tangerine (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.00
Unibroue Don de Dieu (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™9.00
Unibroue Fin Du Monde (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™9.00
Unibroue Terrible (750ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™21.50
Unibroue Trois Pistoles (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™9.00
Upslope Belgian Blonde Guava (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.00
Upslope Brown Ale (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.00
Upslope Citra Pale Ale (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.00
Upslope Craft Lager (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.00
Vernal .50 Caliber IPA (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.50
Wasatch Devastator Can (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.00
Wasatch Ghost rider (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.00
Wasatch Polygamy Nitro (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.00
Wasatch Snowbird IPA (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.00
Westmalle tripel ale (330ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™10.00

Draft Beers

2 Row hIPAcrit IPA4.79
Blue Moon Draft4.79
Bohemian Pilsner4.79
Bohemian Vienna4.79
Bonneville Free Roller Pale4.79
Bonneville Sir Malcolm's Stout4.79
Bud Light Draft4.79
Cask D.E Special Bitter4.79
Desert Edge British Mild4.79
Desert Edge Happy Valley Hefe4.79
Desert Edge Pilsner4.79
Desert Edge UPA4.79
Epic Session Sour IPA4.79
Firkin Uinta 801 Pilsner4.79
Guinness Draft4.79
Proper La Belle Peche4.79
Red Rock IPA Junior4.79
Red Rock Zwickelbier4.79
RoHa Back Porch Pale Ale4.79
Roosters Nut Brown4.79
Uinta Baba4.79
Uinta Cutthroat4.79
Uinta Trader IPA4.79
Uinta Wyld4.79
Wasatch Evolution Am4.79
Wasatch Hefeweizen4.79
Wasatch Jalapeno Cream Ale4.79